I focus on what matters to me….

How I Stopped Punishing Myself Even When I Did Not Achieve My Goals – Live A Worthy Life ­. I learned to accept the fact that I have changed. Things that used to matter to me don’t matter anymore. And I need to let them go. 

Do I need to complete that project on my own to prove myself better than everyone else? No. I just need to get the project done.


Do I really want that job promotion? No. I don’t care about it as I plan to start my own business one day.

Do I need to work 16 hours a day to complete all the house chores and my work? No. The house doesn’t need cleaning every day and I can always get some help with the chores. 

I drew a picture of what I really wanted in my life, and I set my attention toward it. Other things that would not be a part of my picture are not worth to worry about.

Rating: 1 out of 5.



now what if you are on tamoxifen?


So I think it is annoying enough that studies have decided women should not have pap smears necessarily on an annual basis – well unless you have had cancer and then I can’t remember exactly but I think I can get one every year and a half versus three years. But now they are changing it up again with Tamoxifen, and I have to be honest, the news is hitting me odd.



Apologizing, of course, isn’t always a bad thing. The problem is with over apologizing, or offering an apology out of habit when one really wasn’t needed.  In fact, all that apologizing may just make you seem weak or timid.

Beyond potentially sending a message of low confidence, over apologizing can lead to a bit of a “boy who cried wolf” situation. If you’re always saying sorry for each small transgression throughout the day, does your apology for a significant event carry the same weight? Times that truly warrant a heartfelt sorry may not feel as authentic when people know you apologize 100 times a day.

All this being said, apologies have their time and place. We just need to be more mindful of knowing when to say sorry or adjusting our approach to accomplish the same goal.

Sitting with my thoughts


Small zen stone towerSitting at the pool remembering my visit to  – Melbourne beach- looking out into the ocean and feeling the sand between my toes and the water lashing at my feet- also collecting shells by the water -I can say it was better than strawberry ice-cream. I felt a inner peace that came over me ..years of medical issues and one time in my life I was at peace. what is it about the ocean that brings me peace?

Read on personal development!!!

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We often get stuck in our heads with an inner critic that makes us feel lost. While it’s normal to feel that way sometimes, you don’t want to become stuck in that mindset. When you read regularly, you learn new perspectives, skills, and solutions. The self-help genre is one of the biggest for a reason.

Personal development books and articles can help you more than you realize, mainly when authors specialize in a specific topic. If you’re finding it difficult to cope with this feeling and not knowing what to do and where to go, now is the perfect time to read on personal development.

Choose healthy habits

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This point might sound a little cliché, but your habits determine the outcome of your life. If you’re having unhealthy habits, such as constantly browsing mindlessly through social media posts, then you need to reevaluate your habits. Your habits can contribute to feeling lost in life, especially when the majority of your habits are unhealthy ones. With habits like social media consumption, it’s not entirely bad, but when it’s causing you to compare your life with everyone else’s, that’s when it becomes unhealthy. Like anything, moderation is key.

Focus on your strengths and capabilities!!!

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Avoid focusing on your imperfections and weaknesses. Everyone has flaws, and there’s absolutely nothing you can gain from obsessing about them. When you feel lost in life, the best thing you can do is focus on your best strengths. By shifting your perspective to the things you’re good at, you can gradually move forward. It’s far better to build up your strengths than worrying about weaknesses. Your best traits reflect the best parts of you. If you’re having negative thoughts, it will only bring you down. No matter what, your flaws are not a reflection of your capabilities.

Realize you have more control than you think!!!

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You have control over your emotions and thoughts – not the other way around. You create your current reality, and you shape your life. Nobody else but you is in charge of how your life turns out, which means you will always have the upper hand. If there’s something in your life you aren’t happy about, the realization that you can turn your life around anytime should be enough to counter the feeling of being lost.

Accept that it’s okay to feel lost!!!

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No matter how difficult the feeling of being lost might seem, realize that it’s not a feeling that will last forever. All suffering in life is temporary. There’s no exception. The more you try to avoid this feeling, the more you likely won’t be able to cope with it.

An inability to cope happens because we often tend to extrapolate it, understand it, and, thus, magnify it as a result. People who try to figure out what’s causing the issue instead of letting the feeling be often make the situation worse themselves. Overanalyzing a fleeting feeling often makes the feeling last longer.

It’s essential to recognize that sometimes you’re going to feel negative emotions. Instead of dwelling on them, allow yourself to experience the sentiment since it isn’t lasting anyways.

Unfair Treatment

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This world is full of people who are unjust and unfair when they get in power. You are lucky if you haven’t faced anything like that, but you are bound to face such people when you step outside. This unfair treatment shouldn’t be the cause of your issues or breakdown. So, deal with this as it comes and doesn’t take it seriously. If you are good, you will get the success you deserve.

Career Pressure….

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When you are on the path to being successful, you will face work-related issues. Along with those issues, you might have the difficulty in getting on with your career. Thousands of issues can arise such as not getting the promotion you worked so hard for, not getting the job you applied so wishfully for, and so on. To deal with these issues, identify the issues that might be within you such as personal issues or attitudinal problems. Work on yourself and get back on your feet and try again.

Financial Crisis…

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This world and life are uncertain, and the financial crisis can come at every stage of life. No matter how much you are ready for the bad times, the financial crisis can catch you off-guard. You can get frustrated and all stressed out because of the crisis that might have hit you. You might have lost your job, lost your investment, or have a downfall in the business world. The best way to deal with this is to accept that it has happened. Once you accept it, you can deal with it. Identify where things have gone wrong and from where can you start to get back on your feet.

Inner Peace…

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You can be successful in life, doing things you love but still, there is something that doesn’t feel like you. The inner peace you seek might not be there for you yet and it stresses you out. It happens to everyone once in a while and it is no big deal. You just have to find a way to feel different and to achieve that inner peace you are looking for.

Mental Health Issues…

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This doesn’t mean serious disorders and diseases. These are the minor issues that we usually ignore and do not deal with because we think they don’t make sense. We are too busy with improving our lives that we forget that mental stress and anxiety are serious issues and you should seek help as soon as possible.

Be Aware of Your Self Talk…

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Often, being lazy is a result of negative self-talk. You convince yourself there’s nothing you can do or that there is too much on your plate. You won’t get anywhere with that attitude.

Quit putting yourself down and start believing in yourself. Even if you don’t feel like it, tell yourself you can do it. Say it out loud. If you have to go to a private place so you don’t feel dumb, do it.

Positive self-talk leads to positive thinking which leads to productive action. You’ll never get anything done if you keep telling yourself you can’t do anything.