Why Empathy Matters?

There are so many times that I wished that I could just turn my ultra-sensitive feelings off and just enjoy life. Feeling strong empathy can be very tiring since you literally feel what others feel, it’s even worse if you encounter a lot of people in your daily life that have negative feelings.


I have been told numerous times that I care too much about society and that my life would be easier if I just focused on my own needs and wants. I tried that but I can’t do it, empathy is not something you can shut off. For deeply empathetic individuals, we revolve our lives around others and often put their needs before our own.

I have thought deeply about myself and found that I literally lack ambition and motivation in competitive fields that are driven by ego and materialism. I never feel happy when I get what I want but instead I am really happy when I can help others achieve their wants and needs.

Are you Existing or living?

Today is another day, yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet………take a deep breath, exhale with a smile and get yourself mentally ready to take on any challenges that today may bring with a positive attitude!!


Stop Blaming Yourself for Everything



Many folks blame themselves after the fact, most often because of regret or denial. This happens because we don’t trust ourselves. We make choices for the wrong reasons.

But when you learn to trust yourself, you will have more confidence. This eliminates self-doubt. You will be aligned with your true self and innermost desires. That naturally creates a compassionate experience and helps you remove self-blame.

How to Date Again?


You cannot start a healthy relationship with someone, if you are not ready to date, you will know if you are ready for dating. What is holding you back. You may be out of shape, or have an out dated appearance, after being out of the dating scene for a long time. 

Bitterness from a past or have a double mastectomy –  If you are carrying around sad, bitter, anyone you meet will be able to feel these burdens you are bearing. So, before your mother or daughter tells you, they will look for a husband for you. Don’t let life past you by – this is not what god wants for your life…

Being Nice -Why not?


Treat everyone with politeness even those who are very rude to you, not because they are nice, but because you are


Sometimes I wish being kind was always easy!!! I try to be nice and kind all the time but sometimes I do struggle with some people!!!!


Simple World

3f4a6899188b1257836c7f1b2b80a75eSimplicity is not leading a very simple life with bountiful wealth and luxury that one can lay hands on, but building no desire to have surplus resources inspite of living in abject penury situations.3d-abstract_other_spa-relax_41911

Reducing Stress- before and after cancer

Many survivors have found activities like the ones below useful in dealing with their worries after treatment ends. Ask your doctor, nurse, social worker, or local cancer organization about taking part in activities like these.
■ Exercise. Exercise is a known way to reduce stress and feel less tense—whether you’ve had cancer or not. As one man put it, “I can feel down a little bit, and it is a fine line with depression, but when I walk 30 or 45 minutes in the fresh air, I feel like I can take on the world sometimes.” See your doctor before making an exercise plan, and be careful not to overdo it. If you can’t walk, ask about other types of movement that may be helpful, such as chair exercises or stretching.
■ Mind-body methods. Things like meditation or relaxation may help you lower stress by quieting your mind. Try focusing on your breathing or repeating words or phrases to yourself. Other methods include hypnosis, yoga, or imagery.
■ Creative outlets. Art, music, or dance gives people the chance to express themselves in different ways. Even people who have never danced, painted, or drawn before have found these activities helpful and fun.
■ Sharing personal stories. Telling and hearing stories about living with cancer can help people air their concerns, solve problems, and find meaning in what they’ve been through. 

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